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"We have two sons.  The oldest completed his driver’s education through an outfit that came to our local high school.  His training was adequate, but I started to look for a different school for our second son.  Debbie’s Driving Academy had recently opened and I saw her car driving through town and jotted down her telephone number.

I called Debbie and visited her facility.  I was immediately impressed with Debbie and her husband Rod Lamb.  They were friendly, courteous, and truly felt it was their calling to help families train new drivers in a safe, pleasant and individual manner.  Debbie and Rod are organized and helpful to coordinate around busy schedules.   Driving instruction was one on one and my son felt very at ease with both Debbie and Rod.  Both Debbie and Rod have checked in with us months and years after my son completed his training.  Last summer, Rod just stopped by the house to visit with our son.  That’s what I call caring!  Thanks Debbie and Rod.
" Kaye Phillips"

I just finished up driving classes this past summer with Debbie. The classes were very helpful in showing me some pictures and movies of bad car accidents with new drivers. They definitely taught me that some people, no matter how good of a driver they think they are can get in car accidents also. Some movies taught me to be more aware of the surroundings by making me pay attention to the little details. Also the movies showed me how hard it can be on the families and friends of the son/daughter that was killed in the accident; they definitely gave me a new understanding about how big this new responsibility that I was about to receive was.

During the driving part I thought that it was going to be weird and uncomfortable because I was about to drive with someone I did not really know, however, I was very relaxed and comfortable. When I did start to tighten up the instructors talked me through everything like I was their child and we got right through the problem. Thanks Debbie, Rob and all the instructors for teaching me and caring too.

As a 16 year old, all I wanted was my licence, my freedom, my own car. My parents always said, "its not as eay as it looks." I didn't listen or care I just wanted my licence. When they enrolled me in Debbies Driving Academy I didn't really care, I thought it was going to be all borning and stupid things that I already knew and I am sure lots of you think that now but it's not! You learn so much in those two weeks of class that you probably didn't know. But Debbie tought at her best and pounded it in our thick skulls until we got it right. We had good times and good laughs in her class but we all knew when it was time to be serious. Driving isn't a game or as easy as it looks. After the two weeks of book work you get to move on into the car.  The instructors are very kind, caring, and laid back. From experiance I was so nervous when I got to the Academy to drive with an Instructor that I thought I was going to get sick. But once you get going it's not as bad as it sounds. The instructors are funny, make the ride confortable for you, but remember you are getting a grade on your driving so don't get to comfortable!!! Once I passed all my driving categories the last thing I had to do was wait for my certificate from Debbie. Once I recieved that I was able to go get my licence. I passed that my first time, it wasn't that hard as long as you pay attention in Debbies class and to your driving instuctor. Debbie, Rod, and the whole gang out at Debbie's Driving Academy were all kind, caring, and interested in you and your safety. They're not just your instructors, they are your friends and are there to help. This is the best teaching that my parents have ever seen out of there three kids. What I liked best about Debbies Driving Academy besides how well they all treated us, is that there motto is that "They drive your kids just like they were their own"!!!! So i want to thank Debbie, Rod, and the rest of the gang for changing my life and the way I look at driving!!

"When I found Debbie's Driving Academy I was a 23 year old college student with a temporary driver's license and a quickly approaching need to pass the actual driving test. Debbie's Driving Academy helped me to feel comfortable with the 'scary' things about driving such as passing, merging on and off the highway, and pulling into those dreaded parking spaces without hitting the other cars. Not only that, but everything was broken down so I could easily understand it. There were no detailed directions, numbers or angles. Everything was done so I could see how, in a real world situation, I could apply what I learned. Thanks to my instructor from this Academy I was able to pass my test and get my offical driver's license. Thanks Debbie!"



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